The Gizmos / LIVE IN BLOOMINGTON: 1977-1978

Image of The Gizmos / LIVE IN BLOOMINGTON: 1977-1978


The Gizmos
(Gulcher 430)

Two discs! 48 tracks! Eleven covers! 14 unreleased originals! In addition to the only two live shows the Ken Highland-led Gizmos ever played, there's abundant evidence of the line-up Ted Niemiec fronted between the original proto-punk band and the final Gizmos incarnation with Dale Lawrence at the helm. Dig the early '77 Highland crew doing "Amerika First," "Cave Woman," "Talkin' On The Telephone," Johnny "Cougar" Mellencamp's "Boring, Part 1," "I'd Rather Live In Willkie North," "Regular Dude," "Hot Shot," "Chicken Queen," and many others. Then check the deluge from the Niemiec-era: "Tie Me Up," "Head Queen," "Tin Foil Chew," "Jumpin' On The Bandwagon," "Adolescent Punk," "Tilt-A-Whirl," "Cry Real Tears," "Duke Tomatoe," etc., etc.! With special appearances by MX-80 drummer Dave Mahoney and MC Johnny Cougar!

Double CD released 30 September 2006.


1. Gizmos World Tour
2. Mean Screen
3. I'd Rather Live In Willkie North
4. Regular Dude
5. Hot Shot
6. Human Garbage Disposal
7. Kiss Of The Rat
8. Talkin' On The Telephone
9. Boring, Part 1
10. Cave Woman
11. That's Cool
12. Deuce
13. Strutter
14. Chicken Queen
15. I Shoot Up
16. American Dream
17. Amerika First
18. Gloria
19. Ballad Of The Gizmos
20. Love Is When Your Heart Melts
21. Pumpin' To Playboy


1. Tilt-A-Whirl
2. Bionic Love
3. Tie Me Up
4. I'm So Free
5. We're Gonna Rumble
6. Head Queen
7. That's Cool
8. Human Garbage Disposal
9. Tin Foil Chew
10. Mutagenic Lover
11. Melinda Is A Lesbian
12. Ballad Of The Gizmos
13. Kiss Of The Rat
14. Close Encounters
15. Amerika First
16. Adolescent Punk
17. Gimme Lobotomy
18. Cry Real Tears
19. Jumpin' On The Bandwagon
20. Time Won't Let Me
21. Astral Plane
22. I'm Eighteen
23. Gimme Back My Foreskin
24. Duke Tomatoe
25. Please Mr. Postman
26. Mean Screen
27. You're Gonna Miss Me