About Us


Back in the mid-70s, Gulcher was born in Bloomington, Indiana, as one of the earliest small independent labels and fanzines. Propelled to legendary status by the release of the first Gizmos EP, Gulcher championed the low-fi DIY revolution before it was even born.

Most of the Gulcher releases were of the raw basic punk variety. The band was learning to play before your very eyes...mistakes and all! Inspired mistakes! Later releases were a bit varied stylistically, yet all stayed true to the DIY ethic that would begin to spread around the US in the early-80s.

Part 1 of the Gulcher Story faded as the music moved away from the punk ethic that had started it. Flash forward nearly 25 years, and we find Gulcher reactivated and reenergized. A few Gizmos songs had been bootlegged on punk compilations, and this was just the inspiration Gulcher needed to reissue the legendary Gizmos EPs. Then more Gizmos, then Afrika Korps, and before anyone knew it, Gulcher was back!

--Aram Heller, Stanton Park Records