The Afrika Korps / MUSIC TO KILL BY

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The Afrika Korps
(Gulcher 405)

Must-have reissue of the classick 1977 LP by this loose-knit (proto-)punk "supergroup" from NY/NJ/DC/wherever. At the core of the Korps were Gizmos mainman Ken Highland and brothers Solomon and Jay Gruberger, who were the living-room trio of O. Rex for the previous four years. In 1976, drummer/multi-instrumentalist Ken Kaiser tightened up their sub-garage approach. Then along came Kim Kane and Martha Hull from the D.C.-area Slickee Boys. The recordings became free-for-all punk-rock "super sessions" with various other Slickee Boys members, DsCcenesters, rock writers, etc. joining in. The results were 22 (!) tracks of crazed post-teen punk with deep garage roots and lots of room for fun. The album stands as one of the most spontaneous and least trendy things to come out of the early Amerikan punk scene. This Gulcher CD features the original LP in its entirety, plus eight studio outtakes and four live tracks. A 16-page booklet with several unpublished photos details the history of the Afrika Korps.

CD released 8 November 2001.

1. Jailbait Jane
2. Fox Lane
3. Too Cool To Fool
4. (I Want You) Everyday
5. Buzz Stomp
6. Make Her Know
7. Juvenile Delinquent
8. Wild Mouse
9. Refrigerator Rappin'
10. Till The End Of The Day
11. Breaking Out
12. N.Y. Punk
13. You're A Tease Baby
14. Creep Skin
15. I'm A Happy Person
16. Heart Full Of Soul
17. Iggy
18. Ellen No
19. I Laffed Out Loud
20. Crazy Jill
21. Lorraine
22. Death To Disko!


23. N.Y. Punk
24. You're A Tease Baby
25. Fox Lane
26. Make Her Know
27. Die Donna Die
28. Rock & Roll Is Better Than Music
29. Slinky Satin Sidewalk Queen
30. I'm A Happy Person


31. Ellen No
32. Jailbait Janet
33. Refrigerator Rappin'
34. Lorraine