O. Rex / MY HEAD'S IN '73!

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O. Rex
(Gulcher 433)

Before the Afrika Korps, even before the Gizmos, Krazee Ken Highland was a teenage fanzine writer in Upstate NY. In 1973, he joined brothers Solomon and Jay Gruberger in Brooklyn to form the living-room band O. Rex. They never played a show, but recorded LOTS of material, mostly covers of their fave bands (Alice, Grand Funk, Mountain, Sabbath, etc.). Then in 1976, following Ken's debut with the Gizmos, they released the 7" maxi-single "My Head's In '73" b/w "Califawnia Gurls"/"Suzi." For this double CD, Gulcher dug up the tapes for that impossible-to-find piece of vinyl, and 40 other primitive gems--mostly originals from the twisted young minds of Solomon Gruberger and Ken Highland. Punk before punk, lo-fi before lo-fi, bored 70s outsiders doing their best to ROCK! Often crude lyrically as well as musically, crammed with horndog anthems and messed-up teen fantasies, O. Rex sounds like the missing link between the early Velvet Underground and 60s garage bands wailin' on "Beaver Patrol" and dirty-word versions of "Louie Louie," all the while striving to play like the Allman Bros and Cream (they never got close!). It's the real deal, ya goofs!

Double CD released 5 November 2010.


1. I Can See It
2. Mountain
3. Gimme Shelter
4. O. Rex Jam
5. Harvester Hop
6. Rawhide
7. When I Get There
8. I Shoot Up
9. Feel My Love
10. One Minute Love
11. Boogying With The Jubas
12. We're Gonna Rumble
13. That's Cool (I Respect You More)
14. Schizoid Girl
15. Hollywood Daze
16. Bad Girl
17. One Way Jay
18. Star Girl


1. Shapes Of Things
2. Your Mama Says
3. Turn Me Loose
4. Blitzkrieg
5. Get On Down
6. Baby Bopper
7. Right Between The Hips
8. You Just Like Me 'Cos I'm Good In Bed
9. Down & Out
10. Make Her Know She's Getting Fucked
11. Next Time
12. How Good Will It Be?
13. Sunshine Of Your Love
14. My Sweet Charlie
15. My Head's In '73
16. Califawnia Gurls
17. Suzi
18. Gotta Go
19. Moon Watcher
20. You're A Tease Baby
21. No Reason
22. Crazy Jill
23. Fine Man/Midnight Man
24. You're A Big Girl Now
25. Pushin' Too Hard