Image of Kurt Vile / CONSTANT HITMAKER


Kurt Vile
(Gulcher 611)

After a series of homemade cassette releases, 2008's Constant Hitmaker marked the official debut of Philadelphia lo-fi king Kurt Vile. Following in the footsteps of bands like Guided By Voices, Strapping Fieldhands, and Dinosaur (perhaps before they were Jr.), Vile mixes up Dylan/Bruce/Neil-style heartland rock, loser folk, punk, a little power pop...somehow vibin' up the spacey distortion of 70s FM radio--from a guy who was born in 1980! All that is expressed wonderfully on the opening track "Freeway," which turned into a college/XMU radio fave upon release. But there's more: whisper-vocal secrets, synth gurgles, free drone space, the sound of a church-organ beatbox propping up a drunken teenager. Vile, man.

CD released 6 February 2008.

1. Freeway
2. Breathin Out
3. Space Forklift
4. Slow Talkers
5. Trumpets In Summer
6. Dont Get Cute
7. Intro In Z
8. Take My Advice
9. Deep Sea
10. Black Hands
11. American Folded
12. Best Love
13. Classic Rock In Spring
13.5 Freeway In Mind