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Various Gizvangelists
(Gulcher 713)

Hey Gizmos fans! Hope you dig this collection of Giz-covers we collected over the past couple years. We've got versions of all 15 tunes from the three EPs by the original 1976/1977 Gizmos + a couple bonus tracks. Thanks to everybody who contributed! And hey, thanks to everybody who EVER covered a Giz-tune by whichever version of the band! Wave the flag, clap yer hands, dive that muff, pump it, have a good time!

CD released 8 September 2016.

1. Muff Divin'—Mykal Xul
2. That's Cool—Psychic Baos
3. Mean Screen—Elizabeth Cook
4. Chicken Queen—The Band From Planet X
5. Amerika First—The Dick Panthers
6. Human Garbage Disposal—Phil Must Die
7. Ballad Of The Gizmos—Frankie Camaro
8. Kiss Of The Rat—Sam Setzer
9. Pumpin' To Playboy—Moose & His Knuckles
10. Cave Woman—The Cryptic Friends
11. Regular Dude—Meercaz
12. Gizmos World Tour—Lame Drivers
13. We're Gonna Rumble—Dizzy Dizzy Mk II
14. Gimme Back My Foreskin—Deezen
15. Hey Beat Mon!—Painted Faces
16. Talkin' On The Telephone—Angel Corpus Christi
17. Willkie North—Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt