The Gizmos / GIZMOS WORLD TOUR 2014

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The Gizmos
(Gulcher 437)

"Now we're here for sure! Gizmos World Tour!" Thirty-seven years after the Gizmos recorded their theme song and played exactly two live shows, the core of the original group reunited in 2014 for performances in Bloomington, Indianapolis, Dayton, Memphis, New York City, Boston, Columbus, Cleveland, and Chicago. Plus a WFMU radio session in New Jersey and various in-store appearances. Whew!

On this Gizmos World Tour 2014 disc, original members Kenne Highland, Eddie Flowers, Ted Niemiec, and Rich Coffee are joined by their current comrades Craig Bell (Rocket From The Tombs!), Sam Murphy, and Kelsey Simpson for a wild ride at Gonerfest 11 in Memphis (with a guest appearance by Bim "Obnox" Thomas). At their Bloomington reunion show, the core quartet is augmented by an all-star lineup including Ian Brewer (The Panics), John Terrill (The Dancing Cigarettes), Max Demata (Sonic Daze), and Davey Medlock (original Gizmos background singer). For the East Coast shows, they're supported by Kenny Kaiser (who played with Highland in the Afrika Korps in the 70s), MJ Quirk, Matt Burns, and John Keegan.

The Gizmos rock their way through all 15 of the songs from their three EPs: "Kiss Of The Rat," "Mean Screen," "Regular Dude," "Amerika First," "Human Garbage Disposal," "Muff Divin'," etc. Plus the MC5's "Black To Comm" and "Ramblin' Rose," "The Devil Talks In Tongues" by Eddie's band Crawlspace, Kenny Kaiser's "Don't Get Fresh With Me" (from the 1978 Korps LP with Kenne Highland), and a brand new Gizmos song from Ted Niemiec called "Around."

Plus a couple bonus tracks: Bebop Betsy's radio interview with the Gizmos right before their tour kicked off, and an interview that appeared on a vinyl single giveaway for Gonerfest. And some cool photos from the tour. The Gizmos are back, baby!!

CD released 26 June 2015.

1. Intro
2. Gizmos World Tour
3. Human Garbage Disposal
4. Kiss Of The Rat
5. We’re Gonna Rumble
6. Ramblin’ Rose
7. Amerika First
8. That’s Cool (I Respect You More)
9. Mean Screen
10. Cave Woman
11. (I’m Just A) Regular Dude
12. Ballad Of The Gizmos
13. Gimme Back My Foreskin
14. Pumpin’ To Playboy
15. Chicken Queen
16. Around
17. Hey Beat Mon!
18. The Devil Talks In Tongues
19. Muff Divin’ (In Willkie South)
20. Black To Comm
21. Don’t Get Fresh With Me
22. Bebop Betsy Radio Interview with the Gizmos
23. Gizmos Interview from Gonerfest 11 Giveaway Single