The Afrika Korps / LIVE AT CANTONE'S 1977

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The Afrika Korps
(Gulcher 409)

It's time to put on yer O. Rex T-shirt and stock up on non-diet sodas--it's the legendary Afrika Korps LIVE!! in 1977 at Cantone's in Boss-Town, Massachusetts. Kenne Highland, Solomon Gruberger, Jay Gruberger, and Kenny Kaiser rip through twenty tunes in front of an audience celebrating PFC Highland's marriage to Boston Groupie News editor Miss Lyn. Included are inspired versions of tracks from their Music To Kill By album, a couple songs by the pre-A. Korps trio O. Rex, and stuff that would show up on the Korps Hello World! LP in '78. Rich Coffee, one of Kenne's bandmates in the Gizmos, shows up to sing "Amerika First"--and the boys also whip out some covers from contemporary Boston rockers Willie Alexander and Thundertrain. This is the real thing: punk without the pose, raw rockin' by dudes who were breathin' deep back when the air still vibrated with R&R.

CD released 14 June 2002.

1. N.Y. Punk
2. Califawnia Gurls
3. You're A Tease Baby
4. (I Want You) Everyday
5. Slow And Easy
6. Crazy Jill
7. Ellen No
8. Jailbait Janet
9. Refrigerator Rappin'
10. Juvenile Delinquent
11. Make Her Know
12. Fox Lane
13. Amerika First
14. We Are The Only Real People
15. Winner By Elimination
16. My Head's In '73
17. Hit Her Wid De Axe
18. At The Rat
19. Hot For Teacher
20. Heart Full Of Soul