Sam Setzer / "HUNTER/JUMPER"

Image of Sam Setzer / "HUNTER/JUMPER"


Sam Setzer
(Gulcher 711)

Recorded at Sam Setzer's home in San Pedro, California, mostly by Sam himself. The record consists of power pop-influenced lo-fi tunes that cover a wide variety of topics, including hanging out with lesbians, self-pleasure, paranoia, and of course, heartbreak. "Hunter/Jumper" is Sam's debut album, and we're thrilled to be releasing it on Gulcher!

CD released 26 June 2015.

1. Havana Canyon
2. Swim Team
3. April's Gay
4. Remembered
5. Delta Hotel
6. (Untitled Cameron Crowe Project)
7. In London
8. Chateau Gals
9. Summa Gum
10. Hunter/Jumper
11. Golden Retriever Blues